It is often said that life after death is a pure form of relief as the human body finds solace from worldly pressure when it departs for eternal life. To sum it up, it is proclaimed by many people that spiritual enlightenment is not possible in this alien world as for it, one needs to embrace all the beautiful thoughts and let go of negative experiences for living a fruitful life. This destructive thought could lead individuals to sign off from the peer pressure and intricate problems or in simple words could make people end their lives – the world has now witnessed some highest suicidal rates over the years.

However, it’s the other way around that generates the need for a suicide. People don’t realize, but they are the real culprits who have let in the darkness into their soul intentionally or unintentionally and made this world a suffering place for themselves instead. You see, it’s called suffering because we, as human beings get easily inspired by little things or from people that exist in our lives. Even though these entities do not strive a bit to make our lives better, but we still act affectionately towards them. We suffer incessantly for the wrong choices we make and based on those choices, either we develop life-threatening sickness or lose all of our self-esteem as a result of consecutive mental traumas. Since, it’s a fate that naturally overcast the individual life plans and leaves no other option for them except to commit an unprecedented activity, known as “Suicide”- tragically ending one’s own life. Nowadays, people find it rather convenient to end their lives through prevailing suicidal practices because they don’t want to live up with the intensified pain they carry within. Through this inappropriate procedure, they seek an eventual agony escape but on the flip side, it significantly matters that how one is leaving its physical body and with what intention.

Death Is Not A Relief In These Circumstances

Below are the few examples of situations when suicidal death wish sets in for eternal pain relief.  Otherwise, suicide is an unforgivable sin according to the Bible teachings and people who perform it without a firm motive are directly sent to hell by God, regardless of what Godly deeds they’ve been performing throughout their lifespan. It truly doesn’t matter in the end if you’re having suicidal thoughts inflicted by severe depression or anxiety unless your hope can’t be renewed and your pain cannot be further treated. You’re itemized as a genuine victim then.

Let’s suppose if Person A’s physical body is overwhelmed by chronic illness and on top of that, it’s making every day hard for them to survive the pain. Moreover, the doctors have lost the hope of ensuring well-being to a patient; in this case; the particular person can proactively think of “Dying to self.” It’s a state where a dead person is reborn after the soul leaves the body – this gives birth to the belief in eternal life, as outlined in Christian eschatology. This person’s pain is usually set free via injection of the lethal drug, and at their consent (legally), he/she is put at ultimate peace that maybe was unachievable on the earth. Their spiritual existence come to life after the death process, and their soul /spirit are non-threatening to the outer world.

Person B: If a person ends his/her life going against the natural death or if it’s brutally murdered or whether embraced their Creator when met with a road accident, then the soul/spirit remains discontented as their life didn’t end up on a good note. Later, that spirit captures the form of an evil spirit, and it becomes spiteful for the people of earth. We get scared of such spirits like ghosts, devil and the place where they make their home is called “haunted or paranormal activity center.”

Other than these two mentioned examples, spiritual issues and needs do not make any sense of “making peace” for young individuals. These issues should become more critical towards the end of life. For example, Person C is elderly and wish to prepare for their eternal journey by “making peace” with others to gain spiritual comfort. This can increasingly happen because older people more commonly lay on fears, and they move towards the spiritual needs before their physical body mortality is expected.

How Do You Know When Death Is a Relief?

Death is a heavy subject to discuss. It’s complicated, distressing and a savage but sometimes we must know what its different approaches are and in what conditions it makes complete sense for people who overthink about it.

Although at some point, we’re not happy with our life yet coping the meaningless life after death is not a definite solution whatsoever.

With that said, “Life is for the living. Death is for the dead. Let life be like music. And death a note unsaid.”   Langston Hughes