Did you know that 50% of mental health problems are grown by age 14 and 75% by age 24 and furthermore, 10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically verified mental problem? We suppose you don’t. That’s certainly because the adolescence phase in teens is the most neglected time of their lives, and thus most parents act ignorant towards this severe disorder. As teens usually experience setbacks of various tumultuous transitions that depicts the true meaning of their adolescence — physical, emotional, hormonal, sexual, social, intellectual — the increased pressures and self-management problems they meet along way pops a cherry on top.

For many infected teenagers by this phantom, it can lead them to develop to one or more of a variety of mental health disorders; and among them, some are life-threatening. Today, we are here with an initiative to teach all parents about the noteworthy teenage mental illnesses and help them handle these challenges by not losing cool.

Key Teen Mental Health Issues:

  1. Depression

One of the most common areas where you would see the 90% strength of teens complaining about it to you in shape of or whether you might have noticed the change yourself that consists of:

  • Disruptive sleep patterns
  • Excessive mood swings
  • The sudden abandonment of friends and social circle
  • Inconsistent or enhanced eating habits that result in noticeable weight loss or gain
  • Mixed expressions of hopelessness or worthlessness
  • Self-mutilation, thought of getting suicidal with no justified reason
  • Obsessive body-image concerns
  • Excessive isolation
  1. Eating disorders

We live in a society where unsatisfactory body image concerns instantly transform into obsessions, resulting in startling weight loss while severely affecting the adolescent’s overall health:

  • Anorexia: Boycotting food and other noticeable changes in eating habits.
  • Bulimia: Purging (forced vomiting) after eating and subsequent trips to the bathroom— be alert for when it persists, it requires an immediate doctor’s attention.
  1. Drug abuse

In rare cases, mental health issues can lead adolescents to inhabit for alcohol and life-threatening drugs, but also to experiment with “self-medication.” The typically observed symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse involve frequent hangovers at night, slurred speech, etc. — parents are advised to look into:

  • Prescription drug misuse and abuse: According to the AAP, prescription drug misuse by adolescents is caused perceptually by the overuse of marijuana and alcohol.
  • Over-the-counter-medications can be abused as well like OTC cough and cold medications.

Stay alert. If your child is continuously experiencing concerns like these, first try to make them comfortable and discuss with them all the things to detect the root cause. By any means, if you find your child getting irritated in the middle of the discussion, hold it there and snap out of it. Bring him/her to us by requesting a speaking engagement session on our site. We are specially evolved with the mission to overcome any emotional issues to heal your most precious gem in a calm and proven way.

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