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About Us

Who We Are and
What’s Our Story

We are a ministry whose mission is to bring hope and healing to the lost and to comfort the faithful.

We will use several tools in our tool box to accomplish our mission of reaching 7 in 7, (seven billion in seven years), among them: our book writing ministry, speaking engagement, social media, and more. We will use all means necessary to reach our mission.

Our first book, titled “Understanding and overcoming your Emotional Issues”, is the first of many books that we intend to write, to help accomplish our mission.

We clearly understand that the gospel is not about emotional issues but we will meet people where they are and point them to hope and healing that is found in Christ alone.      

The author

About Waltere Koti

Waltere Koti is an author, speaker, theologian, pastor/teacher, a board certified clinical chaplain and a certified pastoral counselor.

He earned his master of divinity degree (MDIV) from Capital Bible Seminary in 2008 and completed his clinical pastoral education in 2012.

He spent twelve years as associate pastor and five years as pastor in the Baptist tradition. He spent several years as a clinical chaplain and pastoral counselor, during which engaged thousands of patients dealing with emotional issues like: loneliness, fear, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. These issues are primarily dealt with from a biblical perspective.

He approaches the Scriptures from the reformed perspective and adheres to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith as his foundational statement of belief.

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